Both are tools for UX designers to help to understand users needs better and design product better. Both are about what user want to achieve, how the user wants to use the product and what for (behaviors). So what is the difference?

In AB testing don't use completely different variants. AB testing is about to check similar solutions. Just a small difference to compare and simple question - which one is better, nicer, more effective.

There is an ancient principle put in every religion as holy trinity dogma. And it is not about gods of course. This is the rule. If you have an excellent idea and you love it but you do nothing - you will achieve nothing.


As I said before using only placeholders is not a good idea, but there is a solution you can use if you really don't want to use labels. It is a dynamic placeholder that does not disappear when a user starts to type but moves to the top of the field.

The general rule for forms is to make it super minimalistic. Collect only data you really need in this particular moments. Or you will lose your clients. Placeholders are good but not always. And there is no one way for labeling. Remember - your form is a part of something bigger, fit it.